Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Past

"This isn't a good idea,
you know this isn't fair. I shouldn't" Well I shouldn't have. I was dumb and stupid is that what you want to hear? That I'm weak when it comes to you. Are you satisfied yet? Is that enough? That I can't be tough when it comes to your touch- Because you're conceited you leave me defeated- unable to speak- on my knees not my feet- And all I leave with
is regret And the taste of you as on my mouth it lingers- And the feel of your manhood throught out all my fingers- The feel of your lips all over my breast- And I know that it's wrong but I want your caress. And as you touch me I slowly undress- Your hands on my thighs I realize...
"This isn't a good idea, you know this isnt fair" I shouldnt well i shouldnt have and next time, I wont

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

single and ok with it

As much as i loved the feeling of bein in love, i had 4gotten the feelin of bein free. Not havin to please a man or worry about what he's doing or where he's at and why he hasnt called me in a few. I realize i dnt need a man to make me feel beautiful and sexy. Im those things on my own. It just feels so good to be me and not we. I lost myself in my relationship but now im found. Its good to be back

Sunday, September 28, 2008

day by day

In response to my confused blog. For the 1st time im puttin it out there and stating how i feel. Me and my daughter father were goin through somethings. we are suppose to be friends and wen i was goin through an issue he wasnt there 4 me. He didnt even call me and ask me if i was ok. So i emailed him and told him dat since he doesnt kno wat to say or never calls me not to worry about bein there 4 me ever again, i said that i would just handle and go through things on my own like usual. He got upset. I called him days later and said i quit and dnt wanna work things out wit him. He said it was ok, we got into an arguement and he hung up on me, i called him eight times and he didnt pick up, the next day i changed my number and i dnt want to hear from him. i told him dat wen he if he wants to c his daughter to email me, my friends said it was wrong but no one understands wat i go through and put up wit him. Im a single mother trying to raise my daughter with love and make it day by day, i dnt have time for drama

Thursday, September 18, 2008

so confused

Im so confused i dnt kno wat to do or feel

Monday, September 15, 2008

things left unsaid

The other day , i was speakin to my daughters father about something that we're goin through. He asked me how i felt and what i was thinkin and i knew the answer, i just didnt have the courage to tell him wat i really felt. i wanted to just say wat was on my heart but i was afraid id hurt him. if u love someone arent u suppose to be honest wit them and not hold ur emotions bac. or do u censor wat u say and hide ur emotions because u love them. and at the end of the day there are so many things left unsaid

Saturday, September 6, 2008

what is with guys and phones

Its official, i dnt understand why most(85%) guys dnt like to speak on the phone. or is it just the ones i kno. its like, in person guys r ok, but ova the phone they're just stuck. either that or they just dnt want to talk. oh and another thing please stop sayin ur gonna call bac and u kno ur not its only gonna make me mad . when u call please have atleast 2 topics we can speak about in mind and wen i call please stop givin me 1 word answers. And i dnt have unlimited text so i cnt text all day whats so hard about talkin on the phone? i dnt get it till next time Sweet Amazon

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I fail to understand why spouses cheat on eachother. Today i fouod out that some close to me has been cheated on by their spous. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME UNDERSTAND CHEATIN. If you tell someone you love them why blatanly hurt them. Im my opinion cheatin is for cowards, who want to have their cake and eat it to. Cheater dnt understand that peopld get killed for cheatin(ever heard of a crime of passion). when u cheat you are disrespecting everyone involved. I'd rather someone break up wit me instead of cheatin on me. Because cheatin is a cowardly act. SICK OF CHEATERS